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The voice of Brian Jones is well known in British Motorsport and for many years people have been unable to understand why the voice of Brands Hatch is not more widely known and used outside the world of Motor Racing. Well Brian has finally recognised the wisdom of his friends and is pleased to announce that he has a new voice agent, John Lawley, at Wise Buddah.com a renowned agency in the voice over world. 

Brian is an excellent communicator and has a wonderfully mellow voice, the kind of sound that sends tingles down your spine and can warm even the chilliest day. Don’t let that fool you though as along with his kindly tones theres a much more adventurous side to his voice.

During an illustrious career Brian has become well known as "The Voice of Brands Hatch" having commentated on pretty much every race meeting at the famous circuit during the last 35 years. He’s also commentated at Le Mans, the British Touring Car Championship and the Formula Ford Festival to name just a very few career highlights.

One of Brian’s very first commentaries was live on BBC Radio 1 with well known drivers such as Noel Edmonds, Dave Lee Travis and the like taking part in a race for ‘charidee’.


Click below to listen to Brian's voice reel

The demo reel lasts about two minutes and contains six or seven different types of the way Brians voice may be used.

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Alternatively please visit www.wisebuddha.com

Audio courtesy of Wise Buddah


Charismatic, Authoritative, *RP, *Age 50 to 60, *Age 40 to 50.


"The Voice of Brands Hatch"


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